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Pandle’s Playlist: April 2022

This playlist is a collection of electronic/pop/dance/rock vibes that play on the familiarity and nostalgia of what was high school in and around the years 2012-14.

Back in a time where I personally was most concerned with my theme on Tumblr opposed to the reality of today, where adulthood has really started to seep in… lol.

Keep an ear out for these:

90s kids by Kid Quill Chapstick by COIN Beacons by Foxing Coffee and Weed by Westpark Wish I Knew You by The Revivalists Bloomfield by Superwhatevr

Wherever this playlist finds you, I hope you are well. Know that you are loved, unique, special, and here to share just that with the world.. “Take fortune in everything” You can find Max in multiple places across the web via his linktree

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