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Pandle’s Playlist

A curated monthly playlist.

I love the touch of personalized playlists and have made a few before, but mostly I enjoyed visualizing the covers for them. This project is a way for me to explore that notion while taking a back seat to the curation of the mixes themselves. I asked Max Hernandez (aka A Mood Dude) to help me with this task.

Max is a long time friend and a highly musical individual. I trust his instincts to guide the listeners on a journey that is thoughtfully prepared for them. I create the covers based on what comes to me during my first listen of each mix, weaving my own narrative into them. Though Max is the main curator for Pandle’s Playlist, we are open to others submitting their own creative mix to be featured on the website.

Please enjoy & thank you for listening.

Currently only available for Spotify listeners.

Image by Kiwihug
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