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Pandle's Playlist: February 2022

All Girl Power Hour

This month’s playlist is an eclectic collection of songs centered around the struggle and empowerment of women. No one knows it better than the one’s who have lived it, so strap in for an All Girl Power Hour!

The Vibe

The playlist then moves through aspects of what it means to be a woman/feminine being in today’s society. It taps into expectations that society demands, into the anger and resentment of trauma carried for so long. Its also about standing up in your own right and empowerment to voice, “This is what I’m worth. This is what I deserve and nothing can take that away from me.”

So this one is for all those out there who self identify as feminine beings. I acknowledge you, your struggle, strength, emotional capabilities, and boundless love. Thank you for all that you are in your receptivity, creative nature, and fluidity.

The Curator

Big thank you to Max aka A Mood Dude, for curating a thoughtful and wonderful playlist for this website.

Max is a musician, instrumentalist, father, fiancé, and aspiring Life Coach located in Joplin, MO. He can be found under various social platforms (specifically Youtube) as A Mood Dude!

Max experiences music deeply on a soulful, emotional, and reflective level. Stories and emotions unknowingly become woven into his playlists to tell the story of collective suffering and healing.

You can find Max at the links below

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