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Pandle's Playlist: January 2024

The Vibe

Another year, another renewed Pandle’s Playlist. As we enter into our third year of Han and I collaborating together, I have found a lot of interest in curating an introspective vibe for you guys. So we’re off to venture through another journey of beats and rap. See my first edition in our May 2023 Pandle Playlist.

On this month’s playlist, we start out by taking an opportunity to exist within the context of musical production and performance from

Kenny Beats, Gramatik, and a favorite Our Samplus. Instrumental music has always been something that’s taken me on a ride with waves of emotions. Its a perfect opportunity to reflect on goals for 2024 and for yourself.

Throughout our playlist you’ll come across some important relics in hip hop/rap history (Nas, The Roots, JDilla and The Pharcyde) and some favorites from my personal playlists (MF DOOM, Deca, and Madvillany.

Thank you all for another year down. I look forward to what comes forth in the next 12 months.

Songs to Keep an Ear Out For:

Last Words by Kenny Beats

Shelter by Deca

Keep On by Dave Cutter Music

Dynamite! by The Roots

Doomsday by MF DOOM

Distancer by Hiatus

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