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Pandle's Playlist: July 2022

Folky Fuck

This month’s playlist comes to you with some grit and folky soul.

While creating this playlist I wanted to tapped into some of my roots as far as acoustic/folk/singer songwriters go. Traveling back to a time where I’d bring my guitar to high school and passionately butcher songs from artists like The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons.

We start off with a personal anthem from the Punch Brothers masterpiece folk/bluegrass album, The Phosphorescent Blues. We open with lyrics, “Something beautiful is going to come out from underneath our thumbs. So let freedom vibrate, not ring because we can't listen to everyone”

As the playlist progresses I mentally envision walking alongside an old beaten path that’s strewn with the logs and branches of unforgotten experiences. Memories reflected on through the lens of foggy rose colored glasses.

Then we literally and metaphorically arrive at the River (by Leon Bridges). The water, emotion, and distant, yet familiar sounds of “Ho! Hey!” brings through more distinctive details to our foggy memories.

“Love we need it now. Let’s hope for some.” -The Lumineers.

After our rosy reflection we slip into a more somber sounds that communicate grief and loss (Broadripple, Sitting Sill).

As we touch and feel into the depths of our emotional waters (I’ll never just leave you there), we come back to the surface with songs of hope, peace, and comedy (Doobie In My Pocket).

Keep an ear out for these:

River by Leon Bridges

Postcards From Hell by The Wood Brothers

Scotland by The Lumineers

Broken Horse by Freelance Whales

Roll The Bones by Shakey Graves

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