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Pandle's Playlist: June 2022

The Vibe

Summer. Really, I could leave that word by itself, walk away from my phone & computer, and never need to explain myself and this playlist..and you would totally get it. Cause Summer isn’t something you explain, it’s something you experience. The burnt shoulders, mud caked shoes, the smell of honeysuckle and people burning leaves..ahh I love that one. Summer is iconic. The sights. The smells. The tastes. The sounds. Summer is that $20 bill you find in a Thrift Store jacket. Summer is new love blossoming. Summer is the break in monotony we seek all year. It’s freedom. But every Summer must end and every day must wait eagerly the next. With the rain comes flowers, and alongside the flower, blooms angst. Angst felt for the withering freedom retreating along with the last rays of sunlight. That’s what this playlist is. It’s Summer in all it’s weird, lethargic, winding roads. Short. Bright. A little bittersweet. And perhaps with a note or two of angst for the end of the dog days. June is in Bloom and on a drive to nowhere, sometimes it’s okay to get lost for a bit.

The Curator

Whitlee AKA Ethan Whitford resides in Joplin, MO. He is currently working on his second album. When he’s not writing or playing music, he likes to spend time in nature with his two dogs and partner.

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