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Pandle's Playlist: June 2023

For any newcomers, welcome to the itch. Glad you’re here in this little corner of my world. No fucking about. Grab your headphones and try not to get comfortable.

The VIbe

Clocked in at 40 minutes, aggression is the name of the game. Aggressive rhythms. Aggressive tones. Aggressive lyrics. Even the hypnotic 808s mixed with a slick flow on Orange Village screams “lowkey AGGRESSIVE”

There’s no shortage of beatdowns, breakdowns, and brutal honesty within these songs. Things really get swinging with the song BBB, which contradictory to the title, is aggressive for EVERY reason. I had to sprinkle in a couple lyrical heavy hitters towards the end that have every right to be aggressive.

Keep an open mind and an open ear & you just might find something that scratches that itch.

Brought to you by Whitleesworld

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