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Pandle's Playlist: May 2023

This month's Pandle Playlist comes to you as a mix of hip hop, conscious rap, and beats! I told my partner, Des, that this playlist is probably more closely to what I listen to on a daily. It's for anyone that would like to connect into rap or hip hop in a way that is empowering to the listener, and as always, inspires a little reflection :)

The Vibe

Falling into the intitial tone of the playlist we are introduced to the opening track, Que Sera Sera, which translates to "Whatever will be, will be." As I am nearing the end of my Massage Therapy program to start my own practice, this has become a personal mantra as I ebb and flow through the universal waves of life.

Following this we discover Deca, an artist that will be highlighted throughout this playlist as a beat producer and rapper. One thing that really captured me was his ability to create a world of understanding, radical honesty, thoughtfulness, and self reflection through his combination of lyrics, music, and sampling. Then you tap into this dude's flow. Whew. I discovered him back in late 2020, and through being introduced to him, opened me up to a new world of music. What I like to call Conscious Rap. Conscious, because it chooses to be self aware and conscious in the way that they approach their art.

This playlist is built around this thought and context, sprinkled in with some special beats/producers. One I'd like to specifically highlight is Sweeps. A beat producer/lofi artist with an impressive amount of music. He's an inspiration and one that's regularly in my daily mix of music :)

Songs to keep an ear out for:

Gabriel Ratchet by Deca

Mr. Jazz by The Tunnel Holland Project (personal fave instrumental track)

Poetic Occupation by Ancient Astronauts

Milk by Deca

Freedom by Sweeps

Understood by Mick Jenkins

Know Time Like the Present by GRiZ

You can find Max in multiple places across the web via his linktree

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