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Pandle's Playlist: September 2022

Updated: Jan 9

September's Pandle playlist comes primarily with a collection of newer songs that my partner, Des (@destopiaart) and I have found over the past few months. It doesn't have a specific theme or genre, but it does flow through a series of various sounds and moods. The list is peppered with the taste of older finds, but we couldn't deny the new and powerful discoveries that were coming through. So get your eating utensils out and get ready to take a bite out of these well timed fresh finds.

This months playlist starts with a felt sense of angst and having been wronged in some way. Feeling into the frustration that I have felt has been a key part of my emotional/spiritual journey, because it is something that had always felt inherently *wrong* to do. From then on we shift into a "familiar feeling" (by kate the dreamer) and are taken on a journey of emotions ranging from the birth of a relationship, to a loss of that relationship, to sex with someone else, sex with yourself, and everything in between. We look at different beliefs we carry about ourselves, have a conversation with our younger selves (You Might Not Like Her), and at the end of the mix we touch base to remember that You're Loved with spoken word from Danny Casale.

Overall, I'm really proud and fond of this playlist! Not only bc my partner and I collaborated on this, but bc there are some fantastic finds on here, and I truly think there’s a lil something everyone can appreciate with a good listening session and an open mind :)

Keep an Ear out for these:

Heaven is Here by Florence and the Machine (Des and Max)

familiar feeling by kate the dreamer (Des and Max)

Sacred Elements by Mr Tree/Oliver Tree (Des)

Eye In the Sky by Handmade Moments (Des)

Spiracle by Flower Face (Max)

RAINFOLK! by T H R O N E / Kingjp (Max)

feel good inc (cover) by renforshort and Mateus Asato (Des and Max)

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