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Hannah Kinsey

A versatile illustrator, designer, and creative individual

I am a visual learner that was captivated by nature and everyday items at an early age. I have a love for collecting oddities, curiosities, and other hoarded artifacts which in turn influences my art.

The beauty I find in the minuscule and discarded provides immense creativity for me. I strive to examine endless forms of creative expression. In one instance, I may be creating a functional piece with decaying matchbooks and dented bottlecaps; In another, I am binding a book with abandoned shoelaces and rehabilitated vinyl records.

These elements appear worthless to some but hold a hidden history to me and I yearn to honor what once was.

Along with my artifacts are usually remnants of nature. Whether it be gemstones, deserted wasp nests, mouse bones, or prized beetle wings, I have profound admiration for Mother Earth.