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Pandle's Playlist: August 2022

Summer Angst

So my name is Brooke Burton and I am a first time collaborator with miss Han pan but we have been long time friends, I remember always vibing with her in class over music and bands we like, summer always reminds me of my youth, and my youth always reminds me of my angst. Nothing seems more angsty to me than a hot summer night, the sun has just set, you and your friends have nothing to do besides sneak out and have no plan, just wherever the night takes you. Growing up in a small lake town there wasn’t usually much to get into, you had to create your own adventure. This playlist is going to be the perfect summer soundtrack for anyone that just wants to feel that feeling, a rebel without a cause, or at least you think you are, I even included some slower more softer songs, just good lyrics but still lots of emotion.

My personal favorites from this playlist are :

Skin to skin by movements

Bella Donna by turnover

I fell in love with princess

peach by hot mulligan

Out for blood by heart attack man

Two beers in by free throw

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