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Pandle's Playlist: November 2022

The Vibe

As November’s air creeps in, I find myself once again sipping from the warm, yet chilling brew of seasonal depression, sweater weather, reflection, impending holidays, and integration. This time of year can be very conflicting and emotionally draining for a lot of people, and its always in this time of the year that I find myself going within and going deep. So this months Pandle’s Playlist is an actual MIX that was curated once again reflecting on the Tumblr-esque era of our lives. (You cant blame me. It was a time with so many bangers).

As always, mixes are fun with shuffle! Heads up, this one has a variety of different sounds and is quite a bit longer than my previous playlists! All the songs have been intentionally organized by mood / sound, so if you’re looking for a more fluid experience then pick a spot and listen through consecutively. :)

A proper introduction to this playlist comes with Intro by The xx. I like to this of this song as a vehicle into the space that is this playlist. A transportation system bc it carries the likelihood to taking you back, or perhaps even inward.

The general mood that the music takes us through is one of ICONIC proportions. In my opinion and my own personal experience, these are songs that feel like hold their own special place in history. Where it feels like we collectively came together to feel into these experiences of love, pain, loss, and strain. That is the beauty of the Artist archetype. The Creative. The Visionary. Their willingness to go into their pain and feel it in an artistic way is a gift not only to them, but the Collective.

Its funny bc I get wildly existential with songs like Sweater Weather. I currently work in a kitchen and we see all walks of life. Cut from all kinds of fabrics, cloths, and patterns. Each with their own unique way of expressing themselves. Yet we all can stop for a moment, lose time, come together, and sing songs like Sweater Weather.

“Cause its too coooold for you here…”

Moments like these are magical to me bc all of our boundaries dissolve. Our fearful protectiveness falls and we experienced this art and this creativity on a level that almost feels spiritual. Like praise and worship.

That’s the power of Music.

That’s the power of songs.

Even if its filled with rage.

Even if its booty shakin’, bass thumpin’ vibes.

Even if its the latest Disney soundtrack.

Even if you’re left in a puddle of your own tears afterwards.

Even if it takes every bit of you to feel into the experience.

Its all an invitation to self expression. Which is (imo) the crux of what it means to be human.

The songs.

The music.

The art.

The books.

The stories.

The movies.

The videos.

They all act as a conduit and invite you to feel into your own emotions.

To be captivated by imagery thats bigger than yourself.

To relate with others around you and build connections through commonalities.

This is why I am so in love with art in its many forms and the self expression that is behind it. Its a way to get to know ourselves, our emotions, and what things we relate to. What stories / visuals (both in pain and joy) capture your heart?

These are some of my most fond and nostalgic moments.

So as you listen: Remember that if seasonal depression kicks in this winter, art is always there. Self expression is always an option in some way. People who have felt similar things have explored it and invite for you to do so also.

Brought to you by A Mood Dude

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