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Pandle's Playlist: August 2023

I created this playlist in connection to a flow of songs that have eased me through the last several years of life.. up until today! Whether it be more of the beats of the song, or the lyrics... each of these songs/artists have core memories along with them. Downtown by majical cloudz is a big core memory for me. I can float away into the clouds listening to that one. It has more of a simple lyric composition compared to others.

The Vibe

These sounds are all completely mellow. My favorite type of sounds. Most of these songs are ones I like to listen to when I'm all alone and can soak up every feeling they give me! Calm, serene, tranquil... that's my jam. I think dissolve me by Alt J fits best in those three, simple words. Anything Alt J really!

The Curator

My name is Natalee, I am a mama of one. I use copper/sterling silver/gold plated wire to wrap crystals and make jewelry as my tiny business and hobby. I have a website at :)

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