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Pandle's Playlist: February 2024

This month's Pandle Playlist is a bona fide mix from Max. These songs are a mix of songs that I have either found in recent months or cherry pick from older playlist throughout the years. Its genuinely a mood, so I hope you enjoy! There are a few songs on there for you lovebirds!


Starting out with an oldie but a goodie, we hear the bubble-like vocals of slenderbodies in the song anemone, one thats been a staple in many of my main playlists. From there on we're guided through a series of moods rangle from indie to pop to rock to a little bit of folk mixed with electronic music and back. Although we have a lot of various sounds here, this is a solid playlist with many bangers. I hope yalls 2024 is starting out pleasant and hopeful. One of the messages that keeps coming back to me in the past few months has been a simple quote, "You reap what you sow." Or in other words, the rewards that we reap or gather today are from the seeds that we planted a year ago. They grow as they continue to be nutured with our attention, work, and dedication. Where you're at now informs where you'll be in the coming years. Much love and thanks to all those that come back to the Pandle Playlist. Its always fun throwing these together!

Songs To Keep An Ear Out For:

Confidence by Ocean Alley

Acid Rain by Lorn

Friend For Life by X Ambassadors and Medium Build

Photo ID by Remi Wolf and Dominic Fike

Vagabonds by Grizfolk

High by Stephen Sanchez

You can find Max in multiple places across the web via his linktree

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