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Pandle's Playlist:December 2023

This month’s iteration of Pandle’s Playlist is a first of it’s kind within our community and a very special one in my heart. This is an Artist Essentials playlist with Florence + the Machine in the spotlight. So get ready for lyrics and sounds that are indulgent in themes of the push and pull of love, sex, death, growth, self criticism, guilt, and even self empowerment.

The Vibe

I once heard Florence Welch be described instead of Christ-like or centered, she seemed to be Christ-Haunted. While not directly religious herself, her Catholic roots seemed to have become a foundation upon which she go on to layer with criticism of not only God by of herself.

Haunting is a perfect way to describe some of the sounds that come through Florence’s music while other times it can feel as if you’re standing on the edge of a huge precipice with walls of layered vocals, guitars, and drums crash and swoon around you like waves.

The depth and vulnerability of her music has been a staple to my experience in life. Its through deep diving into her music over the past year that I have by proxy learned more about myself. Whether that be looking at my own martyrdom (Which Witch), my tendency to dissociate in times of stress (Leave My Body), or acknowledging self sabotage (The Bomb).

So here are my favorite Florence + The Machine songs as they were released in sequential order.

Songs To Keep An Ear Out For:



Heavy In Your Arms

No Light, No Light

Leave My Body

Bedroom Hymns

Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris (ft Florence Welch)

What Kind of Man

Various Storms & Saints

Which Witch


Big God


Heaven Is Here

My Love

The Curator

Max is a musician, instrumentalist, father, fiancé, and aspiring Life Coach located in Joplin, MO. He can be found under various social platforms (specifically Youtube) as A Mood Dude!

Max experiences music deeply on a soulful, emotional, and reflective level. Stories and emotions unknowingly become woven into his playlists to tell the story of collective suffering and healing.

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