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Pandle's Playlist: November 2023

This month's Pandle Playlist comes lovingly with tunes reimagined. From beginning to end, you will hear a complete list of my and my partner's (Des Bridgeman @destopiaart) favorite covers. Some songs are completely reimagined while others hold the original closely in mind. All are an expression of inspiration and detail just how art can influence future budding artists and musicians.


I'd sometimes hear from elders, "You just don't cover (insert "legendary band name" here)" as if it is some golden rule that these songs are held to some sacred standard that no one could hope to replicate. I am not innocent in this either. I personally have held The Beatles covers to higher standard. This was a band that held high importance in our household. Growing up, we were told the stories about the history of these songs and how they existed in the minds of many. I see how it's just this same mentality that should open up this and all music to be reexperienced in new ways. Which is one of the reasons you will find at least four Beatles covers on this one. I just adore how much music can inspire and create this feeling of authenticity or vulnerability, even when we are singing the words and notes from another. The music is a proxy into ourselves, and so here are some songs that will no doubt take you through a series of moods from a stripped down acoustic version of Seven Nation Army to a reggae version of Don't Let Me Down by the Chainsmokers and beyond full of tears, laughs, and feel good music.

Songs To Keep An Ear Out For:

Electric Feel covered by stories & Nataly Dawn

strawberry fields forever covered by CLAY

Nothing Else Matters covered by Miley Cyrus

Gimme Shelter by Scary Pockets & Lauren Ruth Ward

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) covered by Emily Browning

2009 covered by Rayland Baxter

Between the Bars by Marika Hackman

there's a lot of bops with this one. Spend some time with it!

The Curator

Max is a musician, instrumentalist, father, fiancé, and aspiring Life Coach located in Joplin, MO. He can be found under various social platforms (specifically Youtube) as A Mood Dude!

Max experiences music deeply on a soulful, emotional, and reflective level. Stories and emotions unknowingly become woven into his playlists to tell the story of collective suffering and healing.

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