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Pandle's Playlist: October 2023

This month's moody playlist seems to bellow from underneath the surface of modern tension.

It's taken me this long to really tap into my angst for the Pandle Playlist. Sure, we have had our seasons of angst and anxiety sprinkled in the mix of playlists, but I never fully committed. Angsty and moody music has been a large staple in what has gotten me through the tough years, so I'm not sure why I have shyed away from it for this long. Here's that commitment to honor mysel, the spectrum of emotions that I've felt into, and the experiences that have moved me.

This playlist also has some great contributions from mutuals on my personal Facebook that fit really well into the already existing mix. If you suggested a song to be featured in this playlist thank you for bringing your story in to be part of this collaborative effort.

The Vibe

As I mentioned above, we all have our seasons of angst.

These are the points in time where music comes in as a proxy to feel into the things that I didn't quite have the words to communicate. It was the guide into feeling into my own experience and what resonated with how I felt whether that be a break up (I Don't Want To by Julia Nunes), thiestic skepticism (Canyon by the Republic of Wolves), or feeling like you're "too much" (Heavy In Your Arms by Florence and the Machine).

The point of the matter is, music is a gift and opportunity to open up to our own spectrum of experiences. Within this mix you will find a story that's been uniquely curated by means of mood, sounds, and lyrics/topics.

Songs to keep an ear out for:

Cheap Motel Room by Margot and the Nuclear So and So's

Love Love Love (Love Love) by As Tall As Lions

The Sharpest Lives by My Chemical Romance

Pretty Handsome Awkward by The Used

The Canyon by Republic of Wolves

Heavy In Your Arms by Florence and the Machine

The Wolf by Manchester Orchestra

The Curator

Big thank you to Max aka A Mood Dude, for curating a thoughtful and wonderful playlist for this website.

Max is a musician, instrumentalist, father, fiancé, and aspiring Life Coach located in Joplin, MO. He can be found under various social platforms (specifically Youtube) as A Mood Dude!

Max experiences music deeply on a soulful, emotional, and reflective level. Stories and emotions unknowingly become woven into his playlists to tell the story of collective suffering and healing.

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