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Pandle's Playlist: September 2023

This monthly Pandle's Playlist comes to you with a hearty healthy mix of music. It's intention is to take you through a series of songs that I have been listening to over the last few years. So tie yourself down to something nice and tap in to feel the waters of this stream.

The Vibe

Starting out the playlist we drop into a few dancey tunes, quickly follow the vibe into a sensual moment, and back into an upbeat and dancey vibe.

When making this playlist, I allowed for the songs and the moments of emotion come to me. What kind of story was it telling? Where did these songs begged to be experienced? How do they make you feel and relate to your own life.

In some ways I feel devilish (Devil) or self isolating (Leave Me Alone). In other ways and days I get so caught up in the moment is feels like its difficult to keep my feet on the ground, flying towards Outer Space. But something that stands above everything is the gratefulness I have for the day and the experiences that I have. I try to be present with this idea that Every Day is a Holiday.

Songs to keep an ear out for:

Pink + White (cover) by Remi Wolf

Every Day Is a Holiday by DOPE LEMON

Me Roll by Motorbike James

De Selby (Part 2) by Hozier

CMYK by James Blake

My Love by Florence and the Machine

The Curator

Max is a musician, instrumentalist, father, fiancé, and aspiring Life Coach located in Joplin, MO. He can be found under various social platforms (specifically Youtube) as A Mood Dude!

Max experiences music deeply on a soulful, emotional, and reflective level. Stories and emotions unknowingly become woven into his playlists to tell the story of collective suffering and healing.

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